Coffee Machine Rental

Coffee machine rental is a sensible option if you need a commercial espresso machine for the first time and you don’t want to commit over a long time period .

  • Everyone accepted – 100% acceptance.
  • Can be as fast as 24 hour delivery and installation.
  • Our monthly charge covers all maintenance, servicing and water treatment.
  • Easy to budget for, you know what your cost is.
  • With  nationwide engineering coverage if you need support we can be with you in less than 24 hours.
  • We also offer telephone support during working hours – most problems can be sorted out by talking to an experienced member of our staff.

Why Rent a Coffee Machine?

A commercial espresso machine is a big investment -but a profitable one.


If you are asking yourself – Will it pay for itself?

How easy are they to use?

Maintenance – how easy, how much?

And the many other questions we all have before spending a fair amount of money

Commercial Espresso machine rental may then be the answer!

  • Espresso Rental Questions and Answers
    Minimum period of rental 1 month with just one months notice 
    1 Day for a conference or exhibition
    Maximum period As long as you want
    What does the package comprise of Choice of 1,2,or 3 Group espresso machine, coffee grinder, coffee waste container and water softener.
    Do I get training Yes – After installation we provide qualified Baristas to train your staff.
    Does it matter where I operate from? No – we cover the whole of the UK mainland and some offshore centers.

We welcome questions

FREEPHONE 0800 980 6009

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For further information please phone FREEPHONE 0800 980 6009
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42 Responses to Coffee Machine Rental

  1. mbgowhary says:

    hi there,
    I am planning to open a small café by September. can you please let me know what info and details I need for renting a machine and also any recommendations for which coffee beans is best for use and with reasonable price. thanks

  2. Grahame says:

    Your prices seem high. Logic Vending is advertising machines starting from £7 per week, and they are giving away a free Apple iPad with every sign-up.

    What benefits do you offer in line with your pricing? How are your machines “better” than those offered at Logic Vending – am I missing something… ? As you do not showcase any of your machines, it’s difficult for me to make objective comparisons, so I’d be grateful to learn what machines you have. We are a small catering outfit, so do not need an industrial-grade machine.

    Tx for your excellent blog.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your enquiry. We only supply commercial machines whereas a lot of Logic Vending machines are for heavy domestic use. If price is your sole determinant check on their policy and costs for installation, servicing and water treatment. These can add a lot to your costs. We include 2 services a year and a water treatment which would normally cost, depending on supplier of course, around £500 per annum.

  3. Brian says:

    Hi there, looking for details on what machines you can supply and prices please. Thanks for your time!

  4. Kellie says:

    Could you send me brochure/details about different coffee machines available for renting – for small cafe.

  5. a link to your feed was provided by Google search result AD veteran Themelis Cuiper – you are doing an excellent job as he is pointing towards you? -

  6. Phil says:


    Could I have prices (inc leasing opt) for 2 group gas powered espresso setup for catering cart.


  7. nutan says:

    hi there,
    i am based in uk and am looking for a espresso machine on a rental basis i am looking for 1 group compact machine and 100 cup capacity per day . pls contact me asap on 07910453121.

  8. Lian says:

    Hi, I am looking into running a cake market stall and would also like to offer coffee. Would this be possible?

  9. Elle says:

    Hi, Could you please email me a brochure? I am opening a cafe soon. At the moment im just trying to get an idea of prices.


  10. marc says:

    Hi im looking to open a coffee shop and need help deciding what equipment to use,Could you please email me some info, Thank You,

  11. Tracy Webb says:

    we are taking over a tea-shop with very limited space, could you please send me a brochure and price list?

  12. Anne O'Dea says:

    Hi, we are a sports club in Middlesex, I am looking to hire a coffee machine but not sure what size I would need. The amount we sell varies from day to day.
    Can you advise please.


  13. Ian says:

    Hello. I currently own childrens playcentres and am interested in renting bean to cup coffee machines. Could you give me some information on rental prices, we sell about 100 cups per day.


  14. Piper says:

    Hi there,

    Could you please email me a brochure? At the moment im just trying to get an idea of prices.

    Kind regards


    • admin says:

      Basic price for complete install including coffee grinder, servicing, water softening is £119+vat AND you get the option to buy after 12 months at RRP less all rental paid.

  15. Lesley booth says:

    Hi im opening a small coffee shop to compliment my cake decorating business I’m thinking of renting a machine rather than buying, could you give me prices of your hire packages could you do this via email please. I will be needing take away cups and lids and that sort of thing
    If you could get back to me I would be extremely grateful
    Kind regards

  16. Dana Rose says:

    Hi can you send me a brochure? I have a small cafe and I am thinking of getting a coffee machine.

  17. LorencoHof says:

    Did you know that USA and Europe blocked Wikileaks? What do you think about it?
    Hope for answer

  18. abderrahim harraze says:

    Hi im looking to open a coffee shop and need help deciding what equipment to use,Could you please email me some info or send out a catalogue,Thank You,

  19. Kevin Prewett says:

    Opening a brand new bar in Cardiff next week. Looking to rent a 2 cup coffee machine. can you supply details and prices etc asap


  20. David McMahon says:

    I was wondering if you could email me the cost of renting a small coffee machine, I am currently pricing up all equipment needed to open a sandwich bar.
    Many thanks

  21. Kevin Jones says:

    Hi, We are about to open a large Coffee shop in a very busy town centre location. The premisses will seat approx 250 people over two floors and we are looking to rent a machine for each floor, each capable of producing at least 4 coffee servings at once. Can you sent rental prices and also let me know if your company can supply the logo cups and saucers. Thank You

    • admin says:

      Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for the enquiry.
      We normally supply 2 group machines capable of 4 coffees at a time, 2 steam wands and extra clearance for takeaway cups.
      Standard rental is £119+vat a month.
      You can contact the office on FREEPHONE 0800 980 6009 for any further details.

  22. DOMINIC WOOD says:

    hi i was just wondering if your coffee machines come in gas powered aswell as electric.

  23. heather allen-taylor says:

    hi do you need to do a credit check and need copy of bank statemenets to be able to rent a coffee machine to my small

    • admin says:

      Hi Heather,
      Its a very simple process -all yuo have to do is provide us with a little information and make initial payment.
      Please email me if you have any further quetions

  24. Dominic Bamber says:

    Hi. i own a bar, and i would like some more information about the machines, and rental prices etc.
    Please could you email me the details.



    • admin says:

      Hi Dominic,
      Rental is on a months notice and only from £3.91 a day plus vat so really the cheapest way to use an espresso machine- there are no hidden costs like maintenance or servicing.
      Let me know if you ned any further info.

  25. admin says:

    Hi Amar
    We rent out a range of machines- please either email me or phone during office hours so we can discuss your requirements

  26. Amar says:

    Hi. How how is it a month to rent a 2 group coffee machine? Would there be any charges for coming out the contact?

    Thank you

  27. Heather Warrender says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am opening a tea shop in March and am currently looking into how much it would coast and what machines would be suitable to install in my shop on a rental basis. I shall be located in Brampton near Huntingdon. Please could you email me through some details of the services you provide.

    Many thanks


    • admin says:

      Hi Heather,

      1 month contract
      no deposit
      includes water softening
      includes coffee grinder
      includes knock box,
      Machines are from £119plus vat
      If you need any further info please email or post on the web site.

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